10A 240V Braided Lead

  • 10A 240V Braided Lead

Our range of 240V clear sheath braided leads come with a minimum conductor size of 1.5mm . The cable is a clear sheath UV stabilised triple insulated braided flex which provides mechanical protection while still being very flexible. The braided screen is connected to the earth pin at both ends of the cable for fault protection.

All plugs and sockets used have Australian approvals and are rated IP66.
They are available in different lengths and amperage to suit your needs.

  • Note: 15amp leads 25mtrs and over are wired in 2.5mm

Our Range

Suitable for a range of applications
With a standard 240V plug and socket, our versatile extension leads are suitable for a range of commercial & industrial applications
Superior safety features
A tinned copper braid around the cable is connected to the earth pins adding additional earthing protection.
UV resistant PVC sheath
The outer layers of our braided screened leads are UV resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use.
Flexible cable for maximum life expectancy
Our sheathed braided cables offer extra mechanical protection making them last longer than a standard cable.


In addition to being Australia’s leading supplier of commercial & industrial extension leads, we also are able to supply a range of accessories for your needs. We have a range of 240V and 415V power distribution products, a full range of plugs & sockets and additionally an array of commercial grade cable ties.

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